Microk8s - Pod Access Denied

Hi, I’m relatively new to kubernetes and very new to microk8s. The following works first time with minikube but I am getting an access denied error in the pod for microk8s. I am trying to install Redpanda with the following link:

Once I install the cluster and check the pod it is failing, in the logs we have:

INFO 2021-04-22 07:51:57,139 [shard 0] syschecks - Writing pid file “/var/lib/redpanda/data/pid.lock”
INFO 2021-04-22 07:51:57,139 [shard 0] redpanda::main - application.cc:131 - Failure during startup: std::__1::system_error (error system:13, open: Permission denied)

I’m not sure what to try, please assist?

Many Thanks,