Minikube v1.0.0 has been released!


minikube implements a local Kubernetes cluster on macOS, Linux, and Windows. Our goal is to enable fast local development and to support all Kubernetes features that fit. We hope you enjoy it!

1.0.0 Release Notes

  • Update default Kubernetes version to v1.14.0 #3967
    • NOTE: To avoid interaction issues, we also recommend updating kubectl to a recent release (v1.13+)
  • Upgrade addon-manager to v9.0 for compatibility with Kubernetes v1.14 #3984
  • Add --image-repository flag so that users can select an alternative repository mirror #3714
  • mount: Allow names to be passed in for gid/uid #3989
  • mount: unmount on sigint/sigterm, add --options and --mode, improve UI #3855
  • –extra-config now work for kubeadm as well #3879
  • start: Set the default value of --cache to true #3917
  • Remove the swap partition from minikube.iso #3927
  • Add solution catalog to help users who run into known problems #3931
  • Automatically propagate proxy environment variables to docker env #3834
  • More reliable unmount w/ SIGINT, particularly on kvm2 #3985
  • Remove arch suffixes in image names #3942
  • Issue #3253, improve kubernetes-version error string #3596
  • Update kubeadm bootstrap logic so it does not wait for addon-manager #3958
  • Add explicit kvm2 flag for hidden KVM signature #3947
  • Remove the rkt container runtime #3944
  • Store the toolbox on the disk instead of rootfs #3951
  • fix CHANGE_MINIKUBE_NONE_USER regression from recent changes #3875
  • Do not wait for k8s-app pods when starting with CNI #3896
  • Replace server name in updateKubeConfig if --apiserver-name exists #3878 #3897
  • feature-gates via minikube config set #3861
  • Upgrade crio to v1.13.1, skip target as it isn’t necessary #3919
  • Update Ingress-NGINX to 0.23 Release #3877
  • Add addon-manager, dashboard, and storage-provisioner to minikube logs #3982
  • logs: Add kube-proxy, dmesg, uptime, uname + newlines between log sources #3872
  • Skip “pull” command if using Kubernetes 1.10, which does not support it. #3832
  • Allow building minikube for any architecture #3887
  • Windows installer using installation path for x64 applications #3895
  • caching: Fix containerd, improve console messages, add integration tests #3767
  • Fix minikube addons open heapster #3826

The full version of the release notes are at:

A special shout-out to all 813 people who have contributed to minikube up until today, making this release a reality.

For more information, see, or chat with us on the Kubernetes Slack , in the #minikube channel!