Moving pod in live (without deleting and recreating it on the second node)?


I am a little new. I have find out how kubernetes and docker works and have one qustion.

Why is there no functionality that will move pod from one node to another in live wihtout stopping it and recreating it?

I think as I understand how docker works this will be a simple task and will help to make the applications be without downtime. So there will be no need to restart it.
As wmvare already have such capability (vmotion) and can move whole server. Why there is not possible to move just one pod?

I think this can be done very easily so maybe the reason why it is not already possible is that it is not needed? or what is real reason.

Can anybody say if this is possible and suggest new requirement? Or maybe I am wrong at all :slight_smile: .

Have a nice day.

Live migration is a hard problem with nefarious corner-cases. Most apps will be better served by NOT depending on it (VMs are a whole different game because of hypervisor layer). We prefer to encourage apps to be ready to restart when needed, which makes a whole lot more automation possible.