Multi cname about ExternalName


kind: Service
apiVersion: v1
  name: my-service
  namespace: prod
  type: ExternalName

this could be create ,what real happen  when  using this service ?

the two cname can be resolve ? loadbalance?


An externalName service can only point to a single external address. It does not support multiple entries.


what cat I do to ?

I have two read only databases

thanks for reply


Not sure I understand your question, so please please correct me.

But what is the problem of connecting to two different endpoints?


Your best bet would probably be to setup a dns entry for them outside of your cluster.


Either an external DNS entry like @mrbobbytables said (because they can point to multiple hosts like you want), or a very simple HAProxy Pod with a configuration that does load balancing on a TCP level for you. You can then configure how much traffic should go to each of the database replicas.

I would probably go for the DNS solution, since it is just plain easier.


ExternalName is specifically like CNAME, which can’t have multiple records. You can set up an external service (no selector) with manual Endpoints of the IPs of your database.