Multi-instance Multi-tenancy on Kubernetes

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Delivering an application as-a-service by creating separate instance per tenant is becoming common with containers and Kubernetes. We have developed KubePlus (GitHub - cloud-ark/kubeplus: Kubernetes SaaS Operator - Create SaaS from Helm charts) to enable this. It is a turn-key solution that takes an application Helm chart and delivers it as-a-service by automating multi-tenancy and day2 operations such as monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrades for each tenant. KubePlus helps software vendors accelerate their journey to SaaS or enterprise platform teams to rapidly deliver managed services for any custom applications.

Checkout above blog post and KubePlus repo to understand more about the use cases and the technology. Question, comments, discussion welcome.

Hey @devkulkarni, the article looks really good. Can you provide a bit more context in this post so it’s easier to engage a conversation in the forum?


@rael Thanks. I have added some context to the post. ^^

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