Network design questions

Getting my feet wet with kubernetes and building a setup at that should resemble a design we can use later on when we’re more experienced. Therefore I was thinking of giving the master VM and worker VMs two nics. The first nic (192.168.0.x) should only handle the internal monitoring, management, API calls, etc. The second nics (192.168.6.x) would then run all the cluster networking. What I can’t figure out… would the 192.168.6.x subnet then be the cluster IP range? And will the IP range used by pods and services, be separate from that? Will the ingress / load balancer have a 192.168.6.x IP?

The podSubnet is what all the pods will be using, so would serviceSubnet then be the one for the ingress / load balancers and should I use the 192.168.6.x for that?

I do find a number of network designs online, but these are just global descriptions of what component runs where, but couldn’t find one that specifies the subnets as well.