New to Azure Kubernetes service. Need help in Vnet


Hi All,
I’m new to Azure Kubernetes services. Need some help in setting up a kubernetes cluster.
We are using Azure Cloud in our company and we have hosted all our services in Azure. We have a seperate Vnet for our company and we hosted all our VM’s there.

Im working on a POC to test the Kubernetes services. While creating the kubernetes cluster, i selected the basic network. I have created the POD and deployed a test application. I will not be able to expose the application with a public IP due to security reasons. I created a service with Internal Load balancer assuming i will be connect from my office desktop. But it is not working.

My question is should i create the Kubernetes cluster in the same VNET where we have other resources or shd i make any other additional network configuration. The Cluster is in default network. Please guide me here.