News: Kubegres is a Kubernetes operator for PostgreSql

Kubegres is an open-source Kubernetes operator allowing to deploy a cluster of PostgreSql instances with data replication enabled out-of-the box. It brings simplicity when using PostgreSql considering how complex managing stateful-set’s life-cycle and data replication could be with Kubernetes.

Kubegres has the following features:

  • It creates a cluster of PostgreSql servers with data replication enabled: it creates a Primary PostgreSql pod and a number of Replica PostgreSql pods and replicates primary’s database in real-time to Replica pods.

  • It manages fail-over: if a Primary PostgreSql crashes, it automatically promotes a Replica PostgreSql as a Primary.

  • It has a data backup option allowing to dump PostgreSql data regularly in a given volume.

  • It provides a very simple YAML with properties specialised for PostgreSql.

  • It is resilient, has over 55 automatized tests cases and has been running in production.

  • It works with the official PostgreSql docker image: it does not ship nor require an additional Docker image to work. Just install the Kubernetes controller once and deploy as many PostgreSql clusters as you need by simply deploying the official container of the PostgreSql community.
    It is Open-Source and available on GitHub here

It was developed with the framework Kubebuilder version 3, an SDK for building Kubernetes APIs using CRDs. Kubebuilder is maintained by the official Kubernetes API Machinery Special Interest Group (SIG).

You can find more details about how to install and use it in the Getting started page