Nginx-ingress controller

I installed nginx-ingress via helm, then created a ingress resource to route the traffic to my backend service that i created earlier, made a dns resolution to my ingress loadbalancer.

then try to access the service via the url and doesn’t load .

where should I look into to narrow down my search

Hey @Zeyad,

I think you should provide us more information. Do you see any error messages? What kind of backend are you using? Can yo provide us your ingress configuration?

hi @Mike_Clarke thanks for replying

the problem is I cant see any clear error, I just can’t connect to my service through the public internet, gives me " can’t reach this page" error, i can’t see any error related to the ingress-controller neither my service,

this is my resource configuration yaml;

kind: Ingress
  name: my-apps-service-ingress
  namespace: ingress-nginx
  annotations: "false"
  ingressClassName: nginx
    - host: my-service-domain-name
          - path: /
            pathType: Prefix
                name: my-apps-service
                  number: 8080  

What if you try to ping your domain name, is the right ip-address showing up? Are you connecting to your site by http an not https as you have no ssl configured in your ingress? I believe some browsers (Safari) will show an error message like “can’t reach this page” when something is wrong with ssl certificate. You could try connecting with curl or something like that to bypass the browser forcing you on https.

Hope this helps

@Mike_Clarke yes I made a DNS resolution pointing to my external IP of the ingress loadbalancer,
yes I’m connecting through http and have no ssl configured for test purpose, I’m using microsoft edge for this yes.

another thing to put to prespective, when i try to connect to my ingress loadbalancer external IP before making the dns I get this

Are you sure you are connecting to the IP-address of the loadbalancer and not the IP-address of the cluster. I have made this mistake myself before. What is the output if you run: kubectl get ingress --all-namespaces? Does it contain your Ingress with the IP-address you are using in your DNS-resolution?

actually, yes, I’m using the external IP of the loadbalancer of the ingress-controller, still can’t access it with and without the DNS resolution

Have you looked in your logs of your ingress pod and your backend pod with kubectl logs POD_NAME? Is there anything that stands out?

actually nothing is wrong with the logs of the both pods, it just I can’t access my service through the ingress
also I can’t access the ingress loadbalancer through it’s external IP