No nginx ingress service after setting up ingress controller as daemonset

I set up Kubernetes cluster on my Docker for Desktop (windows) and after I got the dashboard working I proceeded to create a nginx ingress controller. I am following the steps outlined here

Also referenced here

But according to the blog post after you set up the ingress controller as a daemonset I should have a service listed under the Services section but I have nothing so I don’t know which ports it is using.

How can I fix this?

Hi @erotavlas

As they said:

If you created a daemonset, ports 80 and 443 of the Ingress controller container are mapped to the same ports of the node where the container is running. To access the Ingress controller, use those ports and an IP address of any node of the cluster where the Ingress controller is running.

They use “hostPort” feature to expose pods instead of Service.

So ensure that pods are up and running and use the Node IP and port 80/443.