No services after "microk8s enable ingress"

I’m trying to work a tutorial:
.NET Microservices – Full Course

The tutorial is aimed at Windows, but I’ve been trying to follow it in Linux, as well.

The tutorial uses Docker Desktop, and specifically the Kubernetes that is installed as an optional component of Docker Desktop.

Docker Desktop isn’t available on Linux, so I’ve been using MicroK8S. And it’s been working fine, up until I tried to get ingress-nginx installed.

The instructions for installing ingress-nginx are here:
NGINX Ingress Controller Installation Guide

In Docker Desktop, on Windows, ingress-nginx is enabled with:

$ kubectl apply -f

After which I can see there have been pods and services created in the “ingress-nginx” namespace:

$ kubectl get namespace
$ kubectl get pods --namespace=ingress-nginx
$ kubectl get services --namespace=ingress-nginx

In MicroK8S, on Linux, ingress-nginx is enabled with:

$ microk8s enable ingress

This seems to work fine, except that it puts everything in the “ingress” namespace.

$ microk8s kubectl get namespace
$ microk8s kubectl get pods --namespace=ingress
$ microk8s kubectl get services --namespace=ingress

And, and I think this is the core of my problem, it doesn’t seem to create the services.

In Windows, installing ingress-nginx starts two services:

  • ingress-nginx-controller
  • ingress-nginx-controller-admission

In Linux, get services returns: “No resources found in ingress namespace”.

First - am I right to expect that these services should be started, in MicroK8S, the way they are in Docker Desktop?

If so, where do I go look as to find out why they are not? I’m assuming that there are some kind of logs, available, somewhere. Where do I find them?

All I have now is the console trace from when I did the enable:

$ microk8s enable ingress
Enabling Ingress created
namespace/ingress created
serviceaccount/nginx-ingress-microk8s-serviceaccount created created created created created
configmap/nginx-load-balancer-microk8s-conf created
configmap/nginx-ingress-tcp-microk8s-conf created
configmap/nginx-ingress-udp-microk8s-conf created
daemonset.apps/nginx-ingress-microk8s-controller created
Ingress is enabled