Node in EKS doesn't resolve DNS names of RDS (IP working)


Hello! We have been playing with EKS recently, and the experience is definitely fun.
We have a fresh public access endpoint EKS Cluster, an app inside the nodes that return something from the RDS. The VPC of the cluster is VPC peering with the private VPC that holds the RDS. Oh and we have Accepter DNS resolution enabled. The Accepter is the RDS VPC.

When SSH-ing into my worker nodes, and we telnet the RDS, it resolves it. Initially, the Connection String was establish with the Endpoint. It didn’t reach the database. I changed it to the IP of the RDS and it worked.

When doing with the DNS names, it takes 1) lots of time to load, 2) " *Unable to retrieve Error: Timeout expired. "

Therefore I was wondering if any of you faced this issue and how you solved it? We just started dabbling with EKS and DNS and it sure is challenging.

Thank you for your help!