Not able to join node to Master


I am not able to join Node to Kubernetes master. Earlier I was able to join node to master but I had some issues on master , so I had to reset it. I reset it by using kubeadm reset command and was able to successfully access Kubernetes dashboard.

However, when I am trying to join node to master, I am getting the following error-
error execution phase preflight couldn’t validate the identity of the api server: abort connecting to API servers after timeout of 5m0s

I have also tried to reset kubeadm but still getting the above error.

Please note that this is the second time I am joining node to master.

Any help is greatly appreciated!.

@peeyush, was u able to fix issue. Can you explain how you fixed it.

I was not able to fix it. I tried some approach. None of them worked. At last, I have to reinstall Kubernetes on both the VMs.