On-prem kubernets metellb application exposeing issue

Hi All.

I am facing similar problem,

my k8s cluster IP vlan range is 192.168.X.X
and metellb IP vlan range is 10.48.X.X/24

every thing if fine application takes new IP from pool like this is accessible from kubernetes cluster i can curl this URL whith in the cluster. but not exposing from browser.

when i use same IP range in metellb like 192.168.X.X-192.168.X.X then it exposed from browser.

My question is cant we use diffrent VLAN or IP range in metellb from the k8s cluster ip range?


You can use a different range but it must be routable on the host network (the same range as the 192.168.X.X network).

Thanks for reply.

How could we check this is routale or not. If its not so how can we make it routable ?

That is something you should discuss with your local network administrator. It is likely only a small subnet under your 192.168.X.X is available.

thank you so much @mrbobbytables

I have checked with n/w team and bidirectional communication is already enabled b/w both IP ranges but still the issue persists.

Plz let me know anything more that I need to verify or implement ?


(I’m assuming this is in layer 2 mode)

Are they vlan tagged and trunked on the same network? If so, you may need to add an additional nic that has an IP within that range for the host and define the right route for each network. The host should be able to have an IP on both networks with the routes setup correctly.