On premises k8s PV

Hi Team, I have on premises k8s cluster with 3 nodes one as control plane 2 nodes as worker nodes. I deployed app with PVC and that PV type as host Path. in this case only one node able to read and write data into that path remaining pods unable to locate that file. How to achieve that without NFS and I found CSI driver.

Kubernetes version: v1.28.1
Cloud being used: bare-metal. 
Installation method: kubeadm 
Host OS: CentOs7
CNI and version: calico/cni:v3.23.3
CRI and version: containerd 1.6.22

need bit more about who will provides that on k8s. need few recommendations.

Hi, Vijay_Chandra_007

It is best to use a distributed file system that can be mounted on multiple nodes. Examples include GlusterFS, Ceph or Longhorn. These solutions allow you to share storage space across multiple nodes in a cluster. You can also use Container Storage Interface (CSI) drivers, which provide a standard way to connect storage systems to Kubernetes. Instead of using hostPath, use a CSI driver that supports distributed storage. Many cloud providers and storage vendors offer CSI drivers for Kubernetes.
Alternatively, if your workload can handle local storage, you can consider using Local Persistent Volumes. Local PVs are associated with a specific node, but you can use dependency nodes or node selectors to schedule Pods to nodes with the required data.
I hope it was useful

but I recommand use rook ceph