Ordering of "kubectl -o yaml" output

The ordering in kubectl -o yaml output seems to be alphabetical. This is specially troublesome for someone who doesn’t know how to interpret conditions.
In the below example:

    availableReplicas: 1
    - lastTransitionTime: "2023-12-21T04:09:10Z"
      lastUpdateTime: "2023-12-21T04:09:38Z"
      message: ReplicaSet "clear-nginx-deployment-5bc5bc499c" has successfully progressed.
      reason: NewReplicaSetAvailable
      status: "True"
      type: Progressing

A person at a glance would read it as “NewReplicaSetAvailable is True” rather than “Progressing is True”.
Is there a way to change this behaviour? The question is for the CRDs I am developing, but I think this is related to kubectl cli than how the CRD is built.

Serialization sorts the fields alphabetically.