PriorityClass preemption with TopologyManager restricted

With Kubernetes topologyManagerPolicy set to restricted we can make sure that pods using SR-IOV CNI plugin will be able to start only in the same NUMA as SR-IOV card. If all CPU in this NUMA are reserved by CPU manager pod will not start.
Does anyone know if pods will have PriorityClass with higher priority and PreemptLowerPriority it will try to evict only pods in the same NUMA with lower priority or will evict random pods from any NUMA that will not help to schedule new pod?
I have access only to cluster with topologyManagerPolicy best-effort and the pods are eventually scheduld in different NUMA so evistion does not start.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.19.5
Cloud being used: bare-metal
Installation method:
Host OS: Centos 7

I was able to do some tests.
Looks like Kubernetes PriorityClass preempting evicts pod that was scheduled most recently from any NUMA. So can evict pod from from NUMA0 even if new pod needs NUMA1. It also does not look at QoS.

With topologyManagerPolicy: “restricted” pod will stay in pending state with error “Resources cannot be allocated with Topology locality”

And PriorityClass will not try to evict anything. It would be good if this could also trigger preempting .