Private on-premise Kubernetes cluster requirements for local app hosting

Development team is considering setting up small private on-premise Kubernetes cluster to host some dev and test (maybe dynamic Pull Request environments) environments for two web applications that we are currently developing - Those are rather small .Net Core applications(apis) + React on frontend. Each of those applications consinsts of ~7 pods. All needed databases will be hosted on different server.

Specs of bare metal machine that we would like to use for setting up small Kubernetes cluster:

  • 12Core/24Thread CPU
  • 64GB RAM
  • 2x256 SSD Disks
  • 4x2TB HDD Disks


  1. If that kind of machine we will be enough to setup small private on-premise cluster to host ~10-20 environments for applications described above? Those applications will be for dev/test purpose only with very little to no traffic.

  2. Taking above specs into consideration and that we want to have master node on the same bare-metal machine as worker node(s) - Does it make sense to setup more than one worker node? Scaling and super high availability is not a consideration here.

  3. Approximately how many applications could we host on that kind of machine at the same time? As mentioned load on them will be very little to none for most of the time.

Thanks for help!