Problem accessing to a pod

Hi, I’m relatively new to Kubernetes, and I deploy Chirpstack application server with kubernetes on a cluster of 5 Raspberry Pis, but I have problem accessing to the pod while I set IP of master node (RPi1-4) as external IP in service.yml
and kubectl get pods -o wide shows pod is running on another node (RPi1-1).

kubectl get pods -o wide shows:
chirpstack-application-server-846d8b8f8d-2k5pd 1/1 Running 1 4h36m RPi1-1

I do not have access from my laptop to that external IP and port. (externalIP=master node’s IP)
I do not have access even from host node (RPi1-1) to the pod, and it gets:

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 30290: Connection refused

I would greatly appreciate it if some one could advise me what I should wrong and how to fix that.
Thank you in advance

This makes some assumptions about your container in the pod.

Good containers typically only run one process, so you won’t find SSH most of the time. In this case just start a shell up in the container:

$ kubectl exec -it chirpstack-application-server-846d8b8f8d-2k5pd -- /bin/bash

Sometimes you have to go old school and use /bin/sh instead because the container doesn’t have bash.

$ kubectl exec -it chirpstack-application-server-846d8b8f8d-2k5pd -- /bin/sh

Note, your current pod has only one container. If you have a pod with multiple containers you need to add -c container_name after the pod name.

Once you’re in the container, if you don’t have the tools you need, you will need to use whatever package management system that container OS uses.