Problem installing or updating Microk8s/Traefik via Helm


I tried installing Traefik by Helm chart on Ubuntu 22.04:

$ helm install traefik traefik/traefik -n traefik

I get the result:

Error: INSTALLATION FAILED: execution error at (traefik/templates/deployment.yaml:3:8): ERROR: Helm >= 3.9.0 is required

$ helm version

gives the result:

version.BuildInfo{Version:“v3.7.0”, GitCommit:“eeac83883cb4014fe60267ec6373570374ce770b”, GitTreeState:“clean”, GoVersion:“go1.16.8”}

If I install the built-in traefik it goes fine, however when I try to update it via helm I get the result:

helm upgrade traefik traefik/traefik -n traefik --values values.yml


Error: UPGRADE FAILED: execution error at (traefik/templates/deployment.yaml:3:8): ERROR: Helm >= 3.9.0 is required

So either way , installing traefik via helm or installing built-in traefik and the trying to updtate via helm results in the saame version conflict.

I am a newbie to helm, waht can I do to solve this?

Help apprecated!

Hi Allard.
MicroK8s issues on Github are reviewed on weekly bases. I would recommend you to open an issue there for faster response. Here is the link.