Protocols supported by the ingress in Kubernetes

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: Latest
Cloud being used: Azure connected to on-premise as a private network
Installation method: N/A
Host OS: Red Hat Linux
CNI and version: N/A
CRI and version: N/A

Hi guys, I have a simple question. Your advice would be very very welcome. I have a Voice telephony application running in one worker node in the Kubernetes. There is an external SIP host sending the SIP calls from a Session Border Controller to the voice application. Everything is working fine in a private network. I need to add more instances of the voice application for high availability and load balancing. This means I need more worker nodes, each one with one pod (one pod per worker node is a requirement from the application). The application completely depends on the SIP protocol arriving in the 5060 port.

The question is: Does the nginx ingress load balancer from Kubernetes support the SIP protocol or do I need to deploy another load balancer in Kubernetes for this purpose ?