Public Steering Committee Meetings

Michelle posted this to kubernetes-dev but I also wanted to get it out here on!topic/kubernetes-dev/bDmlI5Jk2Oo

The Kubernetes Steering Committee meets every other Wednesday to discuss high priority items for the community and to go through our project board where we keep track of tasks. We post the recorded videos on our YouTube playlist. The meeting notes and action items can be found on this doc.

We’d like to invite the community to participate in our meeting next week on Wednesday, February 13, 2019 at 1pm PT. We will go through the project board to provide status updates and then we will go through any questions/discussion topics from the community. If you have a question or a discussion topic, please add it to this document before the meeting. We will review the discussion topics and questions the day before the meeting.

As always, we are also accessible via the Steering mailing list via

Relevant Links:

Note that this is happening today at 1pm Pacific. But we plan on making this a regular thing so that folks in the community can get more involved.