Public URL access from kube cluster

HI Team…
We have a huge cluster and whenever we want the deployment to communicate to the public URL’s…We will have to open up proxy for all the nodes in the cluster (as we are behind a proxy)
Whenever we add a new node we need to make sure all of the rules are working as the kubernetes pods can spin anywhere in the cluster…
Can this requirement be achieved using any of the network policies?(Im pretty new to this concept and I guess there can be some egress rules written)

Hi sai_harshita_chava !

You can use a network policy to control traffic to and from your pods. Which pods the policy applies to is indicated by the label selectors you would configure in the network policy. You could add a label to the pods that matches an egress-allowing network policy, and then remove that label when you don’t want the policy to match anymore.

Please let me know if that answers your question,


Will this approach work even when I can’t access internet directly from the nodes?