PVC in deployment and stateful set

I am in the early stage of learning kubernetes. I am not able to understand how persistent volumes works with replica set with HPA and statefulset with HPA.

  1. Assume we deployed a pod with 1 replica and it has PVC. And pod is reading/writing data to the persistent volume. Now we increased the replica set to 2. How does the second pod get the persistent volume ? Does the second pod gets new persistent volume ? Does the second pod uses the same persistent voulme of first pod? Later we increased the replica set count to 6 and minimum replicas to 2 and maximum replicas to 6. Now according to the load new pods can be created or deleted. When the total pds count reached to 6, how the new pods gets the persistent volume? Does the new pod gets the dedicated new persistent volume ? Later due to load number of pods again reduced to minimum replicas of 2. Then what will happend to persistent volumes of the deleted pods.Later again pods count increased to 6. How they get the persistent volumes?

  2. I have simiar question about stateful sets. In stateful set we have dedicated persistent volumes and DNS for pods. Assume we created statefulset with 2 pods. These 2 pods has dedicated persistent volume. Later We added replicas with minimum 2 and maximum 6 pods. Due to load if the pods count increases to 6 then how the new pods get the persistent storage? Does the new pods get allocated with new persistent storage? And later due to load , the number of pods reduced to 2. Then what will happen to the old pods persistent storages? Then again if the number of pods increased to 6, then how the new pods get the persistent storage?

Please help me in understanding this.