Question about settings CPU and Mem requests and limits

A question for those out there in charge of managing Kubernetes resources. I would love to know what you’re doing in regards to setting CPU and memory requests and limits. It’s in my opinion that these should be set so containers aren’t running wild, in the wild.

I’m curious how important this is to others, and what you do in your shop, and why?


Hi @tonychong,

Requests for cpu and memory must be set, so your Pods can be scheduled on nodes where sufficient cpu and memory are available.

Imagine you do not set them. The scheduler will put a big number of pods on a node, and this will for sure finish with missing memory and/or cpu, and all your Pods will be impacted.

Setting limits or not, and with which value, is more complicated. It depends on if you want to have a better quality of service for some pods, for example.