Rabbitmq epmd error for host rabbitmqdes-0.rabbitmqdes-headless.default.svc.mydomain: nxdomain (non-existing domain)

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.18
Cloud being used: bare metal
Installation method: kubespray
Host OS: Fedora
I have been trying to install the rabbitmq using a helm chart.
I used the following commands and files:

helm install rabbitmqdes bitnami/rabbitmq --values=values.yaml my

I am not using the cluster.local as default, then my values.yaml file has:
clusterDomain: mydomain

I did too, to check :
kubectl exec -i -t dnsutils – cat /etc/resolv.conf
search default.svc.cluster.mydomain svc.cluster.mydomain cluster.mydomain

Someone has any tip how can I solve this problem?

Hi Diogo,

Based on your resolv.conf I think the rabbitmq clusterDomain should be cluster.mydomain

Kind regards,

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Hi, Stephen
You are absolutely right.
After that, I changed the clusterDomain from mydomain to cluster.mydomain worked very well
Thank you so much.