readinessProbe: do health-checks run forever?

I need a clarification about the HTTP readinessProbe (I can’t find a clear answer in the docs):

  1. Suppose that the probe fails several times (failureThreshold) and a pod is marked as NOT READY. Will k8s keep trying the readinessProbe forever and eventually mark the pod as Ready if it begins to respond correctly? Or a pod that is marked as Not Ready is left there forever without retrying?
  2. In case the Not Ready pod is left there forever, will the K8s Deployment try to start new pods? Or I will be left with less pods available?
  3. If a pod passes the readinessProbe, will k8s keep checking if it is ready and eventually (if it begins to fail) mark it as not ready in the future? Is that possible? Or a pod that is marked once as ready is ready forever?

Thank you