Service "ingress-nginx-controller-admission" not found

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Kubernetes version: 1.16
Cloud being used: GCP
Installation method: helm
Host OS: node alpine

The problem that I’m facing -
I installed and deployed an NGINX controller on GKE but with the name my-release.
now my services are as - my-release-ingress-nginx-controller and my-release-ingress-nginx-controller-admission

now when I apply my ingress file I get an error as below
Error from server (InternalError): error when creating “ingress.yaml”: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook validate :service “ingress-nginx-controller-admission” not found

once possible note that I can make here is ingress cannot read the admission file with my-release-ingress-nginx-controller-admission but instead it is looking for ingress-nginx-controller-admission.

there was no workaround to keep name as ingress-nginx-controller-admission while installing from official documentation, please do help me with this, Thank you

my ingress file -
apiVersion: networking.k8s .io/v1beta1
kind: Ingress
name: ingress
kubernetes. io/ingressClassName: nginx
cert-manager. io/cluster-issuer: letsencrypt-prod
nginx.ingress. kubernetes .io/use-regex: ‘true’
nginx.ingress. kubernetes .io/rewrite-target: /
nginx.ingress. kubernetes .io/ssl-redirect: “true”
nginx.ingress .kubernetes .io/force-ssl-redirect: “true”
- hosts:

      secretName: ex-tls
    - host:
          - backend:
              serviceName: ex1-service
              servicePort: 80
    - host:
          - backend:
              serviceName: ex2-service
              servicePort: 80