Service mesh thoughts


I would like some feedback on anyone currently using any service mesh in production or development.

  • Is it in prod or dev?
  • What challenges have you faced?
  • Can you share your most painful learning experience with implementing it?
  • What control plane / data plane did you chose and why?

With knative, Isito 1.0 GA, linkerd 2.0 GA, and many other cool things going on, there’s almost too many options :slight_smile:

I’m interested in seeing how the community is approaching this…


We’re heading the same way considering Istio also. Would be interested in know your choices.


Yeah with the new stuff coming from Hashicorp (Consul) and Linkerd2 for me Istio is not becoming the obvious choice, I’ve use some of them and here is a very short summary.

  • Consul is not my favorite cause ins’t very K8s native but I’m hoping for the new stuff coming.
  • Istio is great but there is no so many stuff doing at the same time that I feel if I touch it’ll break :confused: a feature I do love from Istio is the multi-cluster mesh.
  • Linkerd 2 interesting honestly the only downside is the auto-injecting sidecar but I can live without it and I’m currently using it.

That’s my 2 cents I know is short comment but I’m really highlighting the stuff impact me.