Setting kubeAPIQPS kube-proxy config parameter in GKE

K8s API calls (e.g. to list nodes) made on my worker nodes are getting limited to just 5 per second. I assume this is because of the defaults in the kube-proxy config file (api/v1/nodes/gke-crdb-pool-82fbf090-t789/proxy/configz):

"kubeAPIQPS": 5,
"kubeAPIBurst": 10,

I’ve looked in a lot of places, tried a lot of things, but can’t seem to figure out how to override these defaults when creating a GKE K8s cluster (using node pools). Any help would be much appreciated. I’m a K8s beginner, so apologies if I haven’t used right terminology or included enough information to understand my problem. Let me know if I need to add more.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.15.5
Cloud being used: GCP

I figured out the problem. The default K8s REST client limits by default:

func RESTClientFor(config *Config) (*RESTClient, error) {
qps := config.QPS
if config.QPS == 0.0 {
	qps = DefaultQPS
burst := config.Burst
if config.Burst == 0 {
	burst = DefaultBurst

The default QPS is 5, and the default Burst is 10, which is exactly what I was seeing. Fixing this is simple: update the config to use whatever limits I want.