Spanish Regional Discussion Category

Hey folks!

My name is Rael, I’m from the sig-docs team and currently working on the Spanish localization of the Kubernetes content. Following that line of contribution, can we have a Spanish Regional Discussion Category?

I’ve glad to help set up the category and to provide support/moderation if needed.

Please let me know if it’s possible and what do we need to get things started!

It is definitely possible :slight_smile:

Details are outlined in the discuss communication guidelines, but you’re on the right track with posting the request here.

If you can reply to this post with the translated intro referenced in the docs / link to spanish code of conduct. I can go ahead and create the category.

As a follow-up please create a PR to the moderators list adding yourself as a regional category moderator with your name, discuss ID, region, and timezone.

Thanks for getting going with this! :smiley:

Thanks @mrbobbytables!

The introductory text for the initial category post:

Bienvenidos a la categoría en castellano del Foro de Kubernetes!

Aquí podrás chatear y discutir los temas que te interesen sobre Kubernetes en castellano, compartir noticias, proyectos, herramientas, blogs y mucho más.
El foro es parte de la comunidad de Kubernetes y por ello está gobernado por el Código de Conducta de la CNCF. Estamos comprometidos en hacer de este lugar, un lugar agradable para todos. Si tienes cualquier duda o preocupación, no dudes en contactar con los moderadores de la región en castellano listados a continuación.

Equipo de moderación:

The PR:

Please let me know if something is missing.

Thanks again :slight_smile: