Storage provisioner for self-created cluster in 2022, for disk-heavy workload like MySQL?

Hi thanks for the wonderful Kubernetes! I self-create several clusters, some are on a public cloud (but they do not provide storage provisioners for self-created k8s), some are on a on-premise cluster (not on cloud). The problem is, what is the storage provider suggested for disk-heavy workload like MySQL?

Would be best if:

  • Lightweight: The whole cluster only has several machines and total memory sum up to ~32GB, and we have ~15 disks (some are as small as 1GB). So do not want storage provisioner itself take up several GB memory.
  • Easy to use and operate: Steep learning curve may be an overkill here.
  • High performance: We need to run MySQL, so it is impossible to use NFS (as mentioned here someone reports 6x speed slowdown)

Related but not sure whether outdated: Good storage provisioner for on-premises (non-cloud) cluster?

Thanks for any suggestions!