Struggling when trying to setup konnectivity

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version:1.23.0
Cloud being used: (put bare-metal if not on a public cloud) bare-metal
Installation method: dnf install
Host OS: fedora35

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Hi there, I’m trying to setup konnectivity and for that I follow the guidelines in

I am struggling to put all this together; at this point I have a yaml file that I pass to
kubeadm init -config kubeadm-init.yaml
and that looks like this

# suggested-by

#kind: InitConfiguration
kind: ClusterConfiguration
    egress-selector-config-file: /etc/kubernetes/egress-selector-konnectivity.yaml
      - name: konnectivity-uds
        mountPath: /etc/kubernetes/konnectivity-server
        readOnly: false
    - name: konnectivity-uds
        path: /etc/kubernetes/konnectivity-server
        type: DirectoryOrCreate

however, this is wrong quite clearly as I am getting this message as an outcome of kubeadm init

W0107 16:05:11.158926   78269 strict.go:55] error unmarshaling configuration schema.GroupVersionKind{Group:"", Version:"v1beta3", Kind:"ClusterConfiguration"}: error unmarshaling JSON: while decoding JSON: json: unknown field "spec"

but very generally, I struggle when it comes to writing a yaml config file, even like here from a template, as I don’t understand the logic of where it should be grafted
it’s the same by the way for the pod-network-cidr setting, that I used to pass directly to kubeadm on the command-line; but now that I have a config file it appears I need to specify it somehow, but I had to comment that off for now

to summarize, I too often find myself trying to guess how to mix and match these config files, and thought that maybe somebody could either explain the logic at work here, or provide a link to some document that could shed some light on this

any clue would be most welcome; thanks !