Stuck in ContainerCreating state : Volume mount timeout


I’m seeing a situation where multiple volume types, on multiple nodes, never are able to mount a volume into a pod. Thus, the pod stays in the containercreating state indefinetly. Has anyone else seen this error? This is in kube 1.9.6.

1m          3m           2         nginx-27vmt.15814608484a7826   Pod                                 Warning   FailedMount             kubelet,   Unable to mount volumes for pod "nginx-27vmt_jay-nfs(df6076e4-2b51-11e9-82f8-fa163e297169)": timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach/mount for pod "jay-nfs"/"nginx-27vmt". list of unattached/unmounted volumes=[my-pv-storage]


@jeefy and I have seen that strictly with nfs on container linux based hosts. We did not find the root cause (haven’t had time to dive deep), but a workaround was to mount a share once on the host directly and after that all further mounts would work just fine. The quick solution for us was to add a systemd unit mount.


We are seeing a similar issue in k8s 1.12.3.

Cinder logs on Openstack indicate that the volume is mounted on a “/dev/vdi” on minion-1, but the service is running on minion-2.

To be able to recover the system we had to clear the Cinder DB Cache and restart.

Kind of lost the logs since we reinstalled the server :frowning:

Any help would be appreciated

The exact error message which we are getting,

Feb 8 11:30:08 k8s-minion-1 kubelet: E0208 11:30:08.962255 21297 pod_workers.go:186] Error syncing pod 46a0d40f-2b94-11e9-8db8-fa163e315068 (“eis-scu-75fc888b5d-lstnb_edison-core(46a0d40f-2b94-11e9-8db8-fa163e315068)”), skipping: timeout expired waiting for volumes to attach or mount for pod “edison-core”/“eis-scu-75fc888b5d-lstnb”. list of unmounted volumes=[certs]. list of unattached volumes=[edison-core-vol certs default-token-qjdc5]