Taints, pods and DeamonSets

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.12
Cloud being used: AWS EKS

Hi, I need to have one node to be used by specific pods. I can taint that node and add toleration to pods and all works fine. The issue is that once the node is tainted no DeamonSets will be schedule on it.

Is there a way to schedule DeamonsSets without making changes to DeamonSets?

I can see that DeamonSets will be schedule on node with unschedulable taint so if I add that taint to my other pods they should be schedule to that node right?

What’s the best way to achieve this without making changes to DeamonSet pods ?


Did you try to use nodeSelector and labels instead of taints to restrict the deployment of your pods? With this, you would not influence the schedule of daemonsets.

Yes and it works but the issue is that other pods are also scheduled to that node too (the pods without nodeSelector).
The correct way is to use nodeSelector in all pods but I was looking to avoid that. I think I will have to do it.