Talos - A Modern Linux Distribution for Kubernetes


I have been working on a project that aims to be an ultra-minimal Linux distribution designed to run Kubernetes securely. The project is called Talos. At this stage I’m looking for feedback, contributors, users, or anyway in which you feel you can help. I was inspired by this tweet from Kelsey Hightower and decided to give it a shot. The project is finally taking shape after over a year of work, and I would love to get more people involved!


At the heart of Talos is kubeadm , allowing it to harness the power of the official upstream bootstrap tool. By integrating with kubeadm natively, Talos stands to gain a strong community of users and developers already familiar with kubeadm .

I am a big fan of the approach you’ve taken here!


Thank you! kubeadm is an awesome tool. Would be silly not to use it.


I find this very interesting, but would love to see a way to easily kick the tires with this.

If you can create e.g. a Vagrantfile that creates a little cluster (1 master, 2 nodes?) up and running as VMs, it would be much easier to start out with.

Installing to “an empty block device” is significantly more work than just provisioning all of it virtually using Vagrant (or whatever).


Appreciate the feedback! You are 100% correct, and we have prioritized this in response to the influx of interest in Talos. If you send me an email, I would be happy to invite you to our slack and we can discuss further. andrew@andrewrynhard.com


@llarsson We just landed the ability to run Talos using docker-compose. You might want to check that out for a quick start.