The best Linux OS for K8s When CentOS is dead

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RedHat announce CentOS 8 is discontinuous from 2021 and CentOS 7 is 2024.

So, What’s the best Linux OS for K8s If CentOS is dead?

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There really isn’t a best choice. There are different pros and cons and what you and your organization wants to support.

I wasn’t a fan of CentOS before because of the very old kernel :stuck_out_tongue: , but some people value that stability more.

I like container optimized distros such as flatcar (fork of CoreOS container linux). They are more opinionated, but also more secure by being very limited in design.


Thanks Mr,
How do you think about COS (container-optimized OS) and traditional linux for K8s? What’s the type of OS should be used for K8s?
I think traditional linux is more flexible with changing. For example: When K8s is discontinous support docker runtime, We can move to another runtime as cri-o faster than COS (I think so).
I hope can listen your opinion.
Thank You so much!

Exactly, you may or may not want that. Personally I prefer container OSes since it’s a single purpose, the entire instance is there to run K8s, there’s no need for an entire full distribution.

When K8s is discontinous support docker runtime

There’s a year until removal, I would guess by the time this is an actual issue for people it will be sorted unless you’re on an old OS, even then I would expect the Red Hat-family of distros to default to CRI-O anyway if they haven’t already. Here’s the inprogress bug for flatcar:

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