Timeline For Helm 3?



I’m very interested in Helm 3, since it will respect namespaces, without which our use-case is very difficult.

What is the timeline for Helm 3?

Use case:
I’m looking for a way to dynamically isolate resources at runtime on a single cluster. Specifically, I have Minikube running on a host machine. The machine processes tasks that need to spin up k8s resources in an isolated environment. I had started using namespaces to isolate resources; however, if any two resources share a name, then helm cannot be used to control those resources. It is possible to use kubectl to start up those resources in a namespace, but very undesirable since helm is easier to manage.


Helm 3 is in a very early stage of development, and the spec is still in flux. We have made no public commitments on when Helm 3 will reach Alpha.

For example, issue #4112 contains links to the Helm 3 canary binaries which some people have been using to try out Helm without Tiller just to see what it’s like. But it is not even alpha quality. We know for sure that there are several major breaking changes to come.

When we have more information to share on the timeline, we will share it on the helm user mailing list.


Thanks bacon, I’ll join the mailing list for updates.


Here’s a link to all the Helm communication channels for reference: https://github.com/helm/community/blob/master/communication.md