Troubleshooting kubespray offline for Ubuntu 20.04

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Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: v1.22.1
Cloud being used: bare metal (hyper-v)
Installation method: Kubespray, offline
Host OS: Ubuntu 20.04
CNI and version: calico latest (v3.2?)
CRI and version: Docker 20.10.8

I’m attempting to deploy Kubernetes (ubuntu 20.04) on a private LAN using Kubespray.

  • I have an internal docker registry and repo/file service available.
  • The nodes have been prepped and are accessible.
  • Kubespray runs successfully through the docker install and dies shortly after with the following:
task path: .../kubespray/roles/download/tasks/download_file.yml:52
Failed to connect to the host via ssh: <error censored due to no log>

I’m guessing my trouble is in the offline.yml.
Are there working examples of the offline.yml for Ubuntu 20.04 ?

I’m using the switch -vvvv but the error message is a little cryptic.
Is there a way to determine what task is failing?

Edit download_file.yml and comment out no_log: true like this: #no_log: true. Run the play again.

Thanks protosam that was exactly what I needed.