Unable to access Kubernetes Dashboard

I have created a cluster on AWS EKS.

Cluster information:

Kubernetes version: 1.21
Cloud being used: AWS EKS
Installation method: Terraform
Host OS: AWS default AMI
CNI and version: v1.10.1-eksbuild.1
CRI and version: docker://20.10.7

I am able fetch pods and svc using kubectl.

kubectl get pods -n kubernetes-dashboard
dashboard-metrics-scraper-778b77d469-wvngl 1/1 Running 0 22h
kubernetes-dashboard-5cd89984f5-ljw56 1/1 Running 0 22h

I have executed: kube proxy

But unable to connect to Kubernetes Dashboard. I get the error:

kind Status
apiVersion v1
metadata {}
status Failure
message error trying to reach service: dial tcp connect: connection timed out
reason ServiceUnavailable
code 503

How do I go about finding what is wrong with the cluster configuration?

Hello, i get the same problem, did you find out why you have this problem?

Check your security group configuration. Ensure control plane can access worker nodes on required ports.