Unable to access services via DNS on RKE

ello everyone,

we have a RKE-Cluster running on On-premise-Server and Cloud-Server connected via an OpenVPN-network.
Accoding to the Kubernetes-documentation we should be able to querry our services via DNS, but everytime we try to access our webapplications with curl it says something like “curl: (6) Could not resolve host: my-webapp.webtest.svc.cluster.local” , eventhough it seems that the CoreDNS is working well.

OS of the nodes: Ubuntu 18.04
RKE-Version: v1.0.10
Kubernetes-Version: v1.17.6
CoreDNS-Version: 1.6.5

Can someone please help me with this issue?

Might be better to ask about this in the rancher forums or rancher slack channel.

Accessing cluster resources outside of the cluster requires an entry point. That could be a nodeport, or an ingress with a load balancer. Pods in a cluster are not automagically accessible outside the cluster.