Unable to communicate with pods in diff nodes using clusterIP

create deployment clusterip service expose ports like 80 but receiving error connection time out.

You’ll need to post a lot more information.

@thockin what type of info you need?

How did you create this cluster?

What network driver?

Does plain pod-pod traffic work?

Are you running kube-proxy? Which mode?

You might walk through this: Debug Services | Kubernetes

i was created the cluster bu using kubeadm

for networking i am using flannel

pod-pod traffic not working

yes im using iptable proxier.(according to kublet logs)

If pod-pod is not working, you can’t do anything else with Services and you need to figure out why flannel is not working.

pod-pod traffic working if i am curl from that specific node. let me explain, i have created two httpd pods on KUBENODE1.
then in my kubenode1 cli i was curl by using pod ip…it works.

when i try to curl by using clusterip from master node it did not.

Two things:

  1. Run through Debug Services | Kubernetes

  2. Control plane nodes are often configured differently than regular nodes - make sure it’s not.

let me check…

check with describe, because your pod is running, or check port is opened or not

ports are open on nodes. flannel pods are in running state.
node communicate with pods using clusterIP .
still not found any solution…