Unable to mount the specified Limit size emptydir volume(tmpfs) using medium as memory in all PODs


There is a requirement in my environment to restrict the size limit of a tmpfs mount point inside the kubernetes POD.
As per the official K8S docs, if we create the tmpfs mount using emptydir volume and medium as “Memory”, by default it allocates the mount point size as 50% of the worker Node Memory.
So, to restrict the Mount point size with some Limit, need to enable the below feature gate. This option will allocate the mount point size as desired Limit.

But, After spawn the POD with the below parameters, still the TMPFS mount point has allocated with 50% of the Worker Node Memory.

Request some one could help me on this.

Official Kubernetes EmptyDir Document Link for reference:

Feature Gate Name: SizeMemoryBackedVolumes=true
Info in reference Link:
"Note: If the SizeMemoryBackedVolumes feature gate is enabled, you can specify a size for memory backed volumes. If no size is specified, memory backed volumes are sized to 50% of the memory on a Linux host. "