Unknown error while helm install -f



I try to install my app (console app, successful build in Docker) via helm on Windows PowerShell:

C:\workspace\BE-ad-sync-service\AdSyncService\AdSyncService> helm install -f .\custom-values.yaml .\chart\ad-sync-service\

the return / result is:

Error: validation failed: unable to recognize “”: no matches for kind “Deployment” in version ""

Without any information’s about the file, where the error is caused.

Does somebody know this problem and a solution?
Or any ideas what I could try to find a solution?

Thanks, Frank


What is the apiVersion in the chart deployment template?


There you put one of different API groups. There are different to easily extend kubernetes.

Please check more details here: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/overview/kubernetes-api/#api-groups


My guess is that some field is missing or a silly typo.

I never used helm, but can you share your files? Maybe someone else can see them and help you :slight_smile:


apiVersion: apps/v1

but also this does not work:
apiVersion: v1


Can you try rendering the templates locally using helm template Docs here

This will do the templating locally so you should be able to see if the yaml is being generated correctly.


No, it does not work.

C:\workspace…\chart\ad-sync-service> helm template -x Chart.yaml
Error: chart is required

The same for the other yaml files.


How is your chart directory set up?



That is what you mean?


If you use the -x flag you need to specify the tenplate file so something like helm template -x templates/deployment.yaml

Omit the -x and the command you ran should work.


Is not working…


What is the error it is giving?


“The System can’t find the given path”


Ahh yes thanks. Try just templating the whole chart, in your helm chart dir ad-sync-service run helm template .

Doing that will template all the yaml’s in the templates dir.