Upgrade Kubernetes version from version 1.23.8 to 124.9


I upgraded Kubernetes version from 1.23.8 to 124.9 on Azure Portal (upgrade directly from 1.23.8 to 124.9).

Now when I open cloud shell on azure and type kubectl get pods I got the errors below:

E0223 13:19:02.981298 254 memcache.go:238] couldn’t get current server API group list: Get “https://aks-common-apps-xxxxxx.privatelink.francecentral.azmk8s.io:443/api?timeout=32s”: dial tcp: lookup aks-common-apps-xxxxxx.privatelink.francecentral.azmk8s.io on 168.x.x.x:53: no such host

Can anyone can help me please.