Upgrade to v1.18

Hi team, i would like to ask for your opinions, are the following steps i gathered valid to upgrade to version 1.18?


Upgrade the master components to exact version v1.18.0

 1) Drain Master node          
        kubectl drain master --ignore-daemonsets
  1. Upgrade kubeadm tool (if not already),
    apt install kubeadm=1.18.0-00
  2. master components,
    kubeadm upgrade apply v1.18.0
  3. Upgrade the kubelet.
    apt install kubelet=1.18.0-00
  4. Uncordon MASTER
    kubectl uncordon master

Upgrade the worker nodes to exact version v1.18.0

  1. Drain Worker node
    kubectl drain node01 --ignore-daemonsets
  2. Run linux commands ssh on node01!
    a) apt install kubeadm=1.18.0-00
    b) apt install kubelet=1.18.0-00
    c) kubeadm upgrade node
    d) exit ssh!
  3. Make worker node Schedulable again
    kubectl uncordon node01