Upgrading Windows Worker Nodes


In the official documentation there is a guide that details how to add a Windows Server node to an existing linux MicroK8s cluster which works very well but in that process it uses a set of powershell scripts to install a specific version of the K8s components on the Windows Node

C:\install-calico-windows.ps1 -DownloadOnly yes -KubeVersion 1.19.3

My question is if you upgrade your linux cluster to say 1.20 there will clearly be a mismatch where your linux nodes will be running 1.20 and the windows node running 1.19.3 and in that case how do you upgrade the components on the Windows node as i couldn’t see anything in the relevant docs



Yes, there should clearly be some advice on upgrading here., even if it is just to re-run the script with a new version. I will check into what that should look like

Okay, I am going to add this to the docs, but basically, you need to run the script again - this will ask if you want to uninstall the current version - accept this, then run the installer yet again to install the new version. Obviously this does not maintain whatever workloads were running on the node.

Thanks very much