Use Kub. DHCP server with external devices

Hi all,

I apologise if this question has been asked already and I could not find its answer online. I am interested in deploying a Kub. cluster which uses a network attached definition (MacVLAN) to enable pods to interact with external real devices plugged in the Kub’s machines’ interfaces (or reachable by).

I am in need of controlling some aspects of the configuration of the DHCP server - such as leases, pools and some of the options available. It does not need to be the same server assignin addresses to the PODs - it could be a different server subnet as long as the two can communicate.

What I am trying to avoid is to have a few PODs running as DHCP servers in my cluster and I’d like to leverage Kub’s functionalities to achieve the same effect.

Is there any documentation around that might point me into the right direction ?