Using the kubelet configuration file config.yaml to enable a feature gate?

From this official blog entry (Enable seccomp for all workloads with a new v1.22 alpha feature | Kubernetes), it claims that to enable the seccomp feature gate, two edits need to be made:

1. Enable the feature gate by setting the SeccompDefault=true via the command line (--feature-gates) or the kubelet configuration file.
2. Turn on the feature by enabling the feature by adding the --seccomp-default command line flag or via the kubelet configuration file (seccompDefault: true).

#2 is easy enough to do within the config.yaml file, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do #1 within that same file as the blog suggests can be done. I could edit other files to add the command line version of the edit, but would prefer to leave all the custom configurations within a single file if possible.

There’s also the ConfigMap:
kubectl -n kube-system edit cm kubelet-config-1.22

if I want to enable a feature gate across the entire cluster, making an edit there seems like the best place? (Instead of editing configuration files across a bunch of nodes?)

kubernetes cluster spun up with kubeadm – currently at 1.22.4

I am not sure but 1st step is deprecated and we have the only one option to set the feature gates via config.yaml file.
Let others confirm about this.

The first step enables the new for v1.22 alpha feature gate – that’s what I was interested in executing within the config.yaml file (or possibly that ConfigMap I referenced?) instead of as a command line option. That’s not what you meant as being deprecated, right? I’ve seen it mentioned a few places online that one can enable feature gates from within the yaml file, but I can’t find any concrete examples… so weird.

The second step is a new configuration option that also came with 1.22 – I couldn’t find any docs about it being deprecated already, but that’s off-topic to this question anyway – it’s certainly needed in my environment (1.22.6).