Weave Scope 1.10 released!

Weave Scope 1.10.0

@bboreham @bboreham released this 22 hours ago


  • Add Kubernetes Persistent Volume snapshot and clone operations
  • Kubernetes objects can be reported just once in a cluster, instead of reporting the same data from every node.
  • App now supports http basic auth

Some changes (#3266, #3272) were made to the wire protocol, which means new probes are not compatible with an older app.

Thanks for contributions from @Akash4927, akshatnitd, bhavin192, hexmind, gfeun, gotjosh, gruebel, @jgsqware, ltachet, muthumalla, rvrvrv, satyamz, ScottBrenner, ssiddhantsharma, visualapps, WhiteHatTux, ycao56, Xivolkar - some of these came via Hacktoberfest.

See the Changelog for a full list of new features and bug fixes.

And as a follow-up, here’s 1.10.1 - the build issue was resolved and a test added for it, so it doesn’t happen again. Thanks a bunch @bboreham!

Release Weave Scope 1.10.1 · weaveworks/scope · GitHub